Tonko Mardesic is associate professor and medical director of Sanatorium Pronatal and head of Departement for reproductive medicine of Institute for postgraduate education in Prague.

He has graduated in Charles´ University in Prague in 1980 and since 1986 is active in IVF and all aspects of reproductive medicine with many priorities within Czech Republic ( first baby after transfer of frozen – thawed embryo, first czech baby after oocyte donation, first czech clinic internationally ISO certified and accredited). Under his leadership his team is providing the full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment options offered by contemporary assisted reproductive technology: ovulation inductions, intrauterine inseminations, in vitro fertilization (IVF), sperm/oocyte/embryo donations, preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis (PGS/PGD), oncofertility procedures, social freezing („age-banking“). endoscopic diganostic and operative procedures. Dr.Mardesic has been participating as infertility expert in many national and international professional bodies (past president of Czech Society for Sterility and Assisted Reproduction, past member of ESHRE Executive Committee, member of ESHRE Special Interest Group, ESHRE Task Force ) and is a member of different national and international Editorial Boards. He is lecturing in many national and international conferences and published numerous articles and book chapters in national and international journals and books.