Dr. Pierantonio Gardelin is an Italian hip surgeon. He graduated and completed the residency programme in Orthop. and Trauma Surgery at Milan University. His International experience also includes foreign internships and fellowships. Among the most interesting are the fellowships in Montpellier and Guadalupe (France) and Valencia (Spain).
Dr. Pierantonio Gardelin has pioneered the development of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.
His mission is to provide a ”state of art” and progressive orthopaedic care.
His unique combination of human contact, up-to-date research and extensive experience sets us apart from other
orthopedic surgeons.
Dr. Gardelin has a clinical practice focused on hip reconstructive surgery and comprehensive care of the hip.
A full spectrum of therapies including non-operative measures, hip arthroscopy, open hip preservation surgery, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing and revision procedures are the most common armamentarium of Dr.Gardelin.
He works in prominent clinics in Milan as hip surgeon avoiding the use of blood products and routinely using cell savers so that blood losses during the operation can be returned to the same patient during or after the operation.