Stefano Lucchina, MD, is a hand and reconstructive microsurgeon, with a Swiss and International experience, including teaching activity. He’s member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), Italian Society of Hand Surgery (SICM), Federation of the European Society for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH), and corresponding member of the Swiss Society for Surgery of the Hand (SGH). He’s professor of the Regional School for Hand therapy and Scrub nurses in Lugano.
Dr. Lucchina studied Medicine at Milan’s University where obtained his Medical Degree summa cum laude and He also trained in Orthopaedics. A hand fellowship at Monza’s Hospital (I) and a fellowship in Microsurgery in Sydney at The Microsearch Foundation of Australia were followed by a residency in Orthop. and Trauma Surgery in Locarno’s Hospital (CH). Further Hand fellowships in Barcelona (Spain), Miami and Philadelphia (USA) and Turin (I) completed the Surgical training as European (FESSH) and Swiss (FMH) specialist.
Particular areas of interest are mini-invasive surgery and microsurgery in the whole body.
Arthroscopic surgery is the use of small incisions, little cameras and really small instruments for treating osteoarthritis of the hand as well as ligament and tendon repairs in sportsmen. Endoscopic surgery for nerve entrapment syndromes (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome) in the body is the aid of a camera in decompress small nerves passing beneath small tunnels in the wrist, elbow or the leg with a consequent faster recovery and better cosmetic results.
As to microsurgery the capability of reattach fingers or limbs after a traumatic event is the only way to restore a similar cosmesis, a similar appearance and function as before. The advent of free tissue transfer (free flaps) in the 80’s has enabled surgeons to borrow tissues from areas of relative excess and re-establish its circulation with microsurgical connections at a distant location with invaluable results in the treatment of traumatic injuries and open fractures of the extremities and hand.
Dr. Lucchina has been a pioneer in the area of microneurosurgery developing techniques for nerve repair, nerve grafting and transfers that have significantly improved our ability to restore motion and sensation after nerve injury. Moreover the ability of performing nerve reconstruction and tendon/nerve transfers after post-traumatic or cerebrovascular events are topical to recover the hygiene, cosmesis or function. The versatility of microsurgery permits also vasectomy reversals to solve in more than 50% patients problems of infertility.
In the last 15 years microsurgery opened the doors to the transplantation of non life-saving organs (composite tissue allografts or CTA) to improve the quality of life after the failure of all the other conservative and non-surgical options.
At present Dr.Lucchina is consultant of Hand Surgery and microsurgery at Locarno, Bellinzona and Lugano Regional Hospitals (CH) with more than 500 operations/year after being fellow, resident, chef de clinic and chef de service.
From 2002 to 2006 He has been the Secretary of the “Hand surgery and Microsurgery office” of the “International Registry on Hand and Composite Tissue Transplantation”
In 2010 Dr. Lucchina co-founded the Regional Hand Trauma Center in Bellinzona (CH) accredited by the FESSH, one of the three only in Switzerland at that time and 6 nowadays.
Since 2012 He’s team-leader of the Swiss branch of the Onlus G.I.C.A.M, devoted to surgical humanitarian missions in Western and Eastern Africa.
In 2013, he founded the Locarno Hand Center (CH), a fully integrated clinical facility for the upper limb including hand therapists, physiotherapists and a surgical facility.
In 2013 he became consultant of the Italian Institute for Hand Surgery (IICM) and the National center for Arthritis (CNA), located in Monza (I)  which is staffed by surgeons from lower extremity, upper limb and spine subspecialties who also treat elective orthopedic problems in international patients.