Locarno, and Ticino’s region in Switzerland are special and magical from a certain view-point. Plenty of activities and services are offered, great shopping, food, and wonderful for medicinal tourism. In Locarno and Switzerland you can find the best healthcare system in the world making patients feel comfortable and in absolute privacy while receiving the best care available and all in a safe, private, enjoyable, warm and beautiful city.

In general, Swiss medical tourism offers world famous upper extremity and cosmetic surgeons, medical spas, and personalized care. Popular procedures sought by people travelling from all around the world include cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and medical spa treatments with faster healing processes.

In Switzerland you can have access to the latest technology with really short waiting lists for diagnose, visits and surgical procedures. There is one Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital in Switzerland located in Locarno for medical tourism as well.

Locarno is a fascinating city full of things to do. The scenery is incredible, so witness all of nature riding on the Centovalli Railway or take a cable car that goes to Cardada. The chairlifts scale Cimetta at 1672m. You can take hikes at Cardada and Cimetta too. There is a lookout point with 180-degree views overlooking the city and Lake Maggiore. If you wanna live a city experience from inside, you have to go to Piazza Grande, and visit in the main square shops, restaurants, antiques, and art. Visit the Santuario of Madonna del Sasso and see the views from the top. It is a special pilgrimage church that has a history dating back to when the Franciscan brother Bartolomeo d’Ivrea had a vision of the Virgin Mary.

The shopping in Locarno is the best around Piazza Grande where many stellar boutiquees are located. Most clothes are practical and most places offer an array of beautiful handmade items and fabulous Swiss watches. Three wonderful department stores are Globus and Manor. On Thursdays, Piazza Grande hosts the city’s market.

Locarno is filled with many amazing restaurants. Ethnic cuisine of Locarno is a traditional fondue, fragrant wines, and simple but rich dishes. The Pizza restaurant Primavera is of great popularity among tourists and city guests. One should check are Osteria del Centenario, which is known for dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. There is a traditional Swiss cuisine at Da Valentino, and a cultural fusion experience at Osteria Ferriroli. Italian cuisine Vallemaggia is a popular spot among local people.

Excellent hotels are also available, fine dining, outdoor activities, world class shopping, museums and cultural activities in the neighbourhood less than half an hour by car in Lugano.

Locarno is easily accessible from all parts of the world via both Lugano (LUG) airport, Malpensa (MXP) and Zurich Kloten (ZRH) international airports which all serve this area.